Organization is often the key to collecting and sharing websites and web-based resources. Many of teachers have sites we want to share with colleagues or students, but printing out a sheet of URLs will likely motivate people to merely toss it in the recycle bin. A site like LiveBinders is one possible way to organize information and present it in an easy and user-friendly way. The metaphor that LiveBinders uses to explain its site is that of a “three-ring binder” that is stored on the internet.

Just like we gather notes and papers into our three-ring binder (hopefully, you don’t stuff your binders like my students stuff theirs), LiveBinders easily gathers websites and other elements of the Web together, and then provides you with a single web address you can share with others. When someone clicks on your LiveBinder, it immediately opens up all the websites and resources under one “roof,” so to speak.

The site provides easy-to-use tabs that allow you to toggle from one site to another. LiveBinders will also give you an embed code that lets you link to your binder from your class or personal website. Here is a binder I created for students at a recent Webcomic Camp so that they could explore some comic creator sites.

In the Classroom

LiveBinders is useful both as a teaching tool, where students can only explore the sites that you provide in that one binder, and as a presentation and resource collection tool for students. Students could document and share their primary research sites with the teacher via a LiveBinder, then use the LiveBinder for discussing their projects with the class or with the teacher.


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