Do your students need to study for that upcoming geography test? Perhaps the SATs are coming up? Well, flashcards are so 1994. It’s time to head over to is a free learning and review system that is like your own personal study partner — a study partner that happens to have a super-slick multimedia review system in her backpack.

With a wide variety of subjects ranging from the anatomy of the brain to the provinces of China, can be tailored to help students learn and retain information in the style that best fits their methods of assimilating information. I took it for a test drive in my bread-and-butter subjects, geography and vocabulary. I was extremely impressed with the presentation, which uses a variety of ways to assess whether you have mastered an item before moving on, and if you prefer certain methods over others you can select them à la carte. I dropped the spelling part of the geography quiz because I stink at spelling to begin with, and trying to figure out how to spell Uzbekistan with a timer is just too nerve-wracking.

The nice thing is that community-driven content is not only encouraged, but it comprises a large chunk of the site. From perusing the collection I would say its biggest strength is foreign language instruction, but like I said before, there is a lot of content here so students are sure to find many helpful resources.

In order to track your learning and get feedback on your accomplishments you need to sign up for a free account, but you can use the site anonymously if you wish. Either way, getting your students to use is the smart thing to do.

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