If you’re teaching English-language learners in your class — which includes pretty much every teacher in every school — then you need to check out the great resources at ESL Basics. English is an incredibly frustrating language for many to learn, what with its hundreds of synonyms, and spelling and grammar so complex that even most native speakers can’t master them. Well, for those trying to learn English, ESL Basics is a great free resource to try and make sense of the oddities of the language.

ESL Basics has oodles of video-based resources, all made by the same dedicated ESL teacher, Andrea. Check out the video tab and you’ll quickly see the scope of what she has done. You’ll find videos on everything from the basics to idioms to tongue twisters. I don’t suggest just turning a beginning ESL student loose on the site, though. It will be the most useful if you do some assisted navigation or select a few particular videos you want to work on with your ESL students.

There are a lot more resources than just videos at ESL Basics, too. Andrea keeps up blogs, resource listings, and her tips for teaching ESL in the classroom. If reaching English Language Learners is a priority in your classroom, you’re sure to find something useful here.

ESL Basics

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