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Climate Q&A

What if global warming isn’t as severe as predicted?

It’s natural to question whether we and future generations will regret our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions if it turns out global warming isn’t as bad as predicted.

Latest Images

Oil Slick, Mississippi River Delta, Gulf of Mexico

Flooding in Pakistan

Kaziranga National Park, India

Neumayer Glacier, South Georgia Island

Earth from the Moon

Oil Slick in the Gulf of Mexico

Bull Fire in California’s Sequoia National Forest

Dominic Point Fire, Montana

NASA News:

GRAIL Spacecraft Takes Shape

Final Instruments on NASA Climate/Weather Satellite Integrated

GOES-13 Satellite Sees Severe Storms Strike U.S. East Coast

Headlines from the press, radio, and television:

State of the Climate: Hottest Decade on Record

Global Warming “Undeniable,” U.S. Government Report Says

Icebreaker Ships to Map Arctic Seafloor

Plankton decline across oceans as waters warm

Greenland ice drilling hits rock bottom

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