At Interactives at, you will find interactive activities in the content areas of math, science, language arts, history, and the arts. Within each activity there is a combination of text, animations, pictures, and interactive material. I used this one on the rock cycle with my students last year.

You can use each interactive in multiple ways in the classroom. For instance, you could introduce a topic, such as the rock cycle, either with students using individual computers or with you using a computer and projector.

The majority of the interactives are designed for middle or high school, though there are a couple appropriate for elementary students. Some of the interactives could be used to enrich advanced students, too. For example, a middle school student who has already mastered the basics of DNA could use the DNA interactive, designed for high school students, to go more in-depth on genetic engineering and other advanced topics.

Finally, the interactives can be used for remediation. As we all know, sometimes it takes different strategies and many attempts to present material in such a way that a student understands a concept. Perhaps the Elements of a Story interactive will be just the ticket for a student who struggles with identifying these concepts in your classroom.

As the summer draws to a close and you’re looking for some new and different ways to present material, make sure you take a gander at this website to see all it has to offer.

Interactives at

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