I don’t think it’s a stretch to say most people now understand there is a wealth of valuable and interesting videos on YouTube. Of course, there is a wealth of not-so-great content, too, and often the good and the bad sit next to each other. Kideo Player is a website that showcases fun and educational videos for very young viewers by filtering out content inappropriate for young eyes.

The site has a very kid-friendly interface in which YouTube videos play automatically, with the shift key advancing to the next video in the queue. On a recent morning I watched three Sesame Street videos about literacy, and a few other videos dealing with math and password safety (featuring a very cute song about staying safe online). Much of the material at Kideo Player seems to be culled from PBS videos, which is fine with me.

The site is being developed by a man named Tom, himself a father of young children, who notes:

“I was amazed to see how little has been done to help curate they [sic] sea of online video content in a way that makes it easy, interesting, and fun for parents and kids to experience together. Online video and simple interactivity can be a great source of entertainment and learning for the whole family. Someone just needs to care enough to make it so.”

In the Classroom

The videos featured at Kideo Player are for very young viewers and for emerging literacy development. That makes it a good fit for an early elementary classroom, but not so great for the older kids. I did like that the shift key allows the viewer to advance to another video. I didn’t like that I could not pause the video. Also, I was a little put-off (as a dad) that the site seems to be geared towards moms specifically and not parents in general. Hey! I care about what my little guy watches, too!

Kideo Player

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