Let’s say you have an audio file but you only want a piece of it, not the whole thing. How do you remove just a few seconds of audio from a larger file? Online MP3 Cutter does exactly that, and does it well.

Online MP3 Cutter allows you to quickly and easily take an MP3 file and cut a section out of it. The entire process takes about 10 seconds, and best of all, you don’t lose an iota of sound quality in the process.

Online MP3 Cutter is free to use and requires no registration. The directions are pretty straightforward — upload your audio file, make the cut, and save. The revised MP3 file now resides on your computer. The site says that you can even cut online audio files, but I don’t see any links to make that happen (yet) and I imagine you might run into copyright issues.

In the Classroom

If you create podcasts or voice recordings with students, Online MP3 Cutter might be a valuable tool to have on hand for students to excerpt snippets from their podcasting files. This might come in handy, for example, if you are making an anthology of voices from the classroom. In just a bit of time you can easily have small audio files that you can then patch together with another utility, such as Audacity. It’s true that you can probably accomplish what MP3 Cutter does with other software programs, but its ease of use and ease of access makes it valuable.

Online MP3 Cutter

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