It’s a fact that some video games have been shown to have beneficial effects for developing minds. The merger of video games and educational instruction has been coming for quite some time now, and at one particular school in New York City, it’s already happened.

Quest to Learn is a school that views teaching with video games as an integral part of the curriculum. As such, proponents of alternative methods of education are watching it with great interest. Quest to Learn utilizes everything from problem solving to teamwork to actual game design to engage students in a way that is more interesting and empowering for the student — and quite frankly it’s a very compelling model.

This NPR article goes into more detail about the strategies for learning, the hurdles that Q2L will have to overcome to garner respect from the education establishment, as well as how it will meet current assessment benchmarks (a.k.a standardized testing). Read the article and visit the Q2L site to form your own opinion. Whatever you think about a gaming school, one thing is for sure — we’ve come a long way from the Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Quest to Learn

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