Have you ever found yourself telling a fellow educator, “I don’t have that file with me, but I’d be glad to email it to you when I get home tonight”? With the aid of Dropbox, you’ll never have to say that again.

Dropbox is a web service that allows you to store up to two gigabytes of data online for free. Simply get an account with Dropbox, download and install the application, and place the files you want to store on the web into Dropbox, and you’re done. Now any time you save files in your Dropbox, they are automatically synced online and on your computer. Better yet, once you install the Dropbox application on any computer or mobile device you own, you‘ll have instant access to all your files with a simple login.

Dropbox can be installed on PC, Mac, Linux, iOs, Android, and Blackberry. If that doesn’t provide what you need, just drop in via web browser at

One of Dropbox’s most powerful features is the ability to share folders with others. Have a project your department or team is working on? Forget about the headaches of keeping up with email attachments and multiple versions. Just create a folder in Dropbox, right-click and share with anyone in the world.

After talking with Adam Gross, Dropbox’s Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, he said, “Ultimately what makes Dropbox different is our focus on the user experience, and letting people get all the benefits of sync’ing and sharing their documents without having to change how they work. Or as our users frequently say, ‘it just works!’.”

Of course, as Senior VP of Sales, he gets paid to say that stuff. Take it from me — Dropbox has been on my list of top-three tech tools since 2008. I can’t live without it. If a file isn’t in my Dropbox, it may as well not exist.

Get started now. Use the referral code below and get 2.3 GB of free storage (300MB more for free) when you install the Dropbox application. That’s enough storage to backup nearly all of your lesson plans, documents, two thousand photos, a thousand songs, or four hours of video footage from your last field trip.

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