Teachers are so frequently looking for money for classroom projects, that one more post about a source of funding can’t be redundant. The newest source that I have found is called Digital Wish, “a non-profit on a mission to solve technology shortfalls in classrooms.” This funding source is great because it is specifically for teachers who want technology items in their classrooms.

There are two parts of this website I want to point out. First, the money part. Teachers can register their classrooms, create a classroom profile, and most importantly, create a wish list of technology items that they’d like to use. Like at, donors can browse teacher profiles and select a classroom that sounds intriguing. Unlike other funding sites however, donors aren’t funding a specific project, they are funding the purchase of a specific piece of technology that will hopefully be used in MANY projects. In addition to simply registering their classrooms, if a teacher uploads a technology-based lesson plan, he or she will be automatically entered in a separate grant competition from Digital Wish. These grants are awarded on the 28th of every month. Read more information here.

This brings me to my second point about this website — the Lesson Plan Library. Users of Digital Wish upload technology-based lessons, and Digital Wish lets you search or browse them, whether or not you are registered with Digital Wish. A unique feature of this particular collection of lesson plans is that you can browse the lesson plans by technology, rather than just subject. For example, if you really want your students to do a podcasting project, but need an idea, you can browse the podcasting lessons. I think this is a unique feature.

Now get out there and rub that Technology Genie’s lamp by registering and using the resources at Digital Wish.

Digital Wish

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