Open a backchannel with TodaysMeet

September 21, 2010

TodaysMeet is a simple application that will open an outlet for student feedback. It creates a temporary chat room that users may instantly join without the need to register.

Time capsule: One year ago on Instructify

September 20, 2010

Here’s a look back at some of the best post from September 2009: Instructifeature: Reach special-needs students using a Voki and Trailfire mashup Send your students on a twenty-first century scavenger hunt Kids can create movies, drawings and more with … Continued

Go on a scientific expedition to the south pole with PolarTREC

September 17, 2010

PolarTREC will send 36 teachers to the Arctic or Antarctic to work with polar research teams. They’ll take a mittens-on approach to learning about atmospheric chemistry, biology, history and culture in the coldest places on earth.

Death in Rome: Turn your lesson into a crime thriller

September 15, 2010

What plot could be more alluring than a murder mystery? Whether you’re teaching about the Roman Empire or just want to give your students an exercise in logic, the BBC game Death in Rome will bring CSI-style detective drama into your classroom.