Here’s what’s going on at the NASA Earth Observatory, brought to you by Fred Beyer at EarthSciTeach.

Latest images

St. Anthony Sand Dunes, Idaho

High Pressure Cloud Patterns, Eastern U.S.

Smoke Plume, Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan

San Jose Mine, Chile

Fires in Southern Kruger National Park

Heavy Rainfall from Hurricane Karl

Water Level Changes in Lake Mead

Activity at Shiveluch Volcano

Recent blog posts

G. Projector
G.Projector is an elegant and free tool for converting map projections.

Devils Lake Interactive
A neat tool from the AP allows exploration of two satellite images of Devils Lake, North Dakota.

Design Basics: Anti-Aliasing
One of the simplest ways to improve the look of graphics on a computer screen is to anti-alias them. Here are some examples of aliased graphics, and a few techniques to improve them.

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