Jane Hart does her best to keep herself and her blog readers up to date on the latest technology tools, particularly as they relate to social media. While her blog is certainly worth following, it is her annual list of 100 Tools for Learning that you should check out first. Culled from a variety of sources, including her own readers, the list of 100 tools runs the gamut from multimedia production to practical tools that may simplify a task. Jane notes that there were more than 500 people sharing ideas with her this year. That’s a great pool of knowledge.

One thing I like is that Jane does more than just share the tools. In her Winners & Losers analysis, she also notes which tools have been dropped from the previous year, and which tools seem to be gaining more ground. (And, I should note, she makes it clear which sites are free and which cost money.) Her Best in Breed list breaks down the list into categories, such as microblogging, e-learning, and productivity tools.

The Top 100 Tools for Learning

Jane’s Slideshow on Slideshare

Winners & Losers

Best in Breed

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