Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you weren’t the greatest math student. The earlier math classes may not have been that hard, but Algebra 2 threw you through a loop. The teachers tried and tried with their overhead projector to make the problems spring to life, but nothing worked. ¬†You just couldn’t picture it.

For the modern student, enter Khan Academy. This site and accompanying Youtube channel contain more than 1,800 short videos on topics mathematical, biological, chemical, and even historical.

It’s hard to sufficiently describe the wealth of knowledge hidden in these videos. Even harder to describe than the content of the videos is the creator, Salman Khan. Operating out of a closet in his home, Khan cranks out videos at breakneck pace using a simple tablet and display program. Khan Academy’s screencasts are picking up fans across the world, including Bill Gates.

Besides the videos, also has self-paced and instantly graded practice activities that measure a learner’s mastery of the content. The results of these activities can be stored and accessed at a later time, making Khan Academy a great resource for teachers who want to develop a picture of a student’s progress.

Khan Academy

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