Google Maps Mania is a blog that highlights the different ways Google Maps and Google Earth mashups are trending, and the educational value that they have. What is a mashup you say? It’s when you take one geographical element and superimpose or put it side by side with another. For example, if you wanted to see how big the Great Wall of China would stretch if it has been started in Slovakia, there’s a map for that.

Many students’ conceptions of spatial relations when it comes to geography is sorely lacking — outside of what they know locally, it’s hard to conceptualize how big other parts of the planet are in comparison. This is where mashup maps really can open students’ eyes to the vastness of the world they live in. The comparison angle is just one way Google Maps are being used, however. Google Maps Mania is a treasure trove of different types of projects and ideas for schools to use cartography.

Google Maps Mania

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