Geography is thrilling


I live and teach in Memphis, Tennessee. The western border of our city is the Mississippi River. In the part of the city where I teach, a good number of the students can’t tell you where the Mississippi River is, on a map or otherwise. They’d only have to point west.

National Geographic has launched My Wonderful World to combat students’ lack of geographic knowledge. Ever since the Ms. South Carolina debacle, the need for geography education has become extremely apparent.

My Wonderful World provides students, teachers, and parents with abundant resources from National Geographic to study the world around us. I particularly liked the Geographic Literacy quiz, whence comes the startling statistics on the header of the Kids/Teens page.

As far as games go, my heart will always be with Sheppard Software, but My Wonderful World also has some good ones. This would be a good site for students who have some down time and want to explore a bit. Once the site matures and has more content, it looks like it could be a great resource.

My Wonderful World

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