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This site lets students learn all about the solar system, and aids teachers with lesson plans, activities, and robust search capabilities

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This is a slightly odd site, to be sure, but the Age Gauge is also an interesting way to place yourself in the span of historic events. The premise is that you enter the day you were born, and the site calculates how old you were at certain moments in time.

This graphic time line from the New York Times shows off classroom technology through the centuries, from horn-books and magic lanterns to interactive whiteboards and the iPad.

RadioLovers has archived old radio shows from the pre-television days. Bob Hope, Groucho Marx, and Laurel and Hardy are just a few among the classic voices kept alive at this site, which features free downloads of the files in MP3 format.

Yahoo! has stated that social-bookmarking service is not shutting down, but will be sold, according to TechCrunch. attempts to bridge the language barrier automatically and in real time. One person creates a chatroom to share with other language learners. Each user selects their language, then the messages in the room are translated into that language.

These comic-creating sites are easy to use, require no registration, and will have students crafting visual stories in no time.