It’s not till I tried (pretty unsuccessfully) to learn a foreign language that I learned how little I understood about the nuts and bolts of linguistics. In particular, conjugating German verbs still gives me a painful flashback to a dark, distant time. But the fact of the matter is that in order to really understand how a language works, conjugation in all of its “present perfect continuous” glory is just something you have to know. As a native speaker you don’t really even think about it — you simply know that “I have been walking” is the way it’s said, not that it’s the present perfect continuous conjugation of the verb “to walk”.

But for English language learners this can be a daunting task, and something that needs to be mastered if their goal is fluent, conversational English. At, a free English verb conjugation tool, simply type in a verb and the site will give you every possible conjugation under the sun. couldn’t be simpler to use and is a great resource for anyone who is an ELL or ESL student working on their verbs.

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