You may not find comic books in every kid’s backpack anymore, but the medium of comics still attracts young audiences as sure as trouble waits for Batman around each corner. These comic-creating sites are easy to use, require no registration, and will have students crafting visual stories in no time. Choose the background and characters, insert speech bubbles, and POW!! Your very own comic.

Write Comics: This site features amusingly drawn characters and common backgrounds like houses, schools, and city streets. It could work well for scenes of everyday life.

Strip Generator (pictured): This one has no backgrounds and simple black & white characters, but offers props to insert like furniture, toys, and food. Still, the basic artwork here puts your focus on the text.

Witty Comics: The stuffy characters on this site are offset by the backgrounds featuring famous landmarks from around the world. What would two people talk about as they stood among ancient Greek ruins?

Hero Machine: Here you create a single superhero instead of a comic strip. You can customize almost every aspect of his/her features and costume. Adverb Man? Geometry Girl?

Designing comics helps students learn to communicate with both words and pictures. This can be tied to any subject by giving students a clear objective for the comic, such as a topic for the characters to discuss or a certain message for the strip to convey.

Write Comics

Strip Generator

Witty Comics

Hero Machine

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