Yesterday, reports were coming out that Yahoo! was shutting down, the social bookmarking site (Yahoo! also announced they were shutting down AltaVista, which was newsworthy in that apparently AltaVista hadn’t been shut down years ago). Today, TechCrunch is reporting that Yahoo! has no plans to deep-six, but is instead looking to sell it.

I know a lot of teachers depend on to share useful advice or resources with their colleagues, or to keep track of interesting stuff they plan to use in class, so this announcement should be a relief. However, TechCrunch also poses the question of whether Yahoo! did indeed plan to kill, then changed its mind due to the PR backlash it received.

Assuming a sale goes through, there’s still no guarantee will be around forever. Whoever buys it will still have to find an effective business model for it — no easy task, considering it seems like most social media companies’ business models can be summed up as, “Get bought by Yahoo! or Google.”

If you’re feeling a little antsy about your bookmarks, Xmarks has recently risen from the grave. Xmarks lets you sync your bookmarks across multiple computers and web browsers, and may be a viable option just in case Yahoo! can’t find a buyer or they change their mind.

Does this announcement have any impact on your teaching? How will you be bookmarking in the wake of this new announcement?

Yahoo Trying To Unload, Not Shut It Down via TechCrunch


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