This is a slightly odd site, to be sure, but Boy the Bear’s Age Gauge is also an interesting way to place yourself in the span of historic events. The premise is that you enter the day you were born, and the site calculates how old you were at certain moments in time. Looking at the output for my birthday, I was suddenly transported in memory and time to the day of the 9/11 attacks (I had friends in New York City), the Y2K scare (I was working the late late shift that New Year’s night as a newspaper reporter because we all thought havoc would take place; it didn’t) and even the O.J. Simpson fiasco (I was actually in Los Angeles, visiting a friend, and we saw the police chase scene and the white van go by us as we stood on a bridge overpass).

I can imagine the Age Gauge possibly being used for personal narrative history projects for students, although the site’s list of historic events does not appear to be regularly updated (no Iraq War, for example). An interesting tangent from the main site is that you can also track similar items around entertainment (popular songs at certain ages, pivotal moments, movie releases, etc.).

Boy the Bear’s Age Gauge

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