As more and more states push their curriculum development towards the Common Core standards, educators will be searching for resources for developing expository writing, which is one of the main elements of the nationalized standards. The act of explaining how to do something has been a staple writing assignment for a long time. Podcasting those instructions promotes not only technology, but also requires students to focus on voice and writing for an audience.

The site One Minute How-To is a great example of how this kind of focused explanation can happen via podcasts. The guests on the show have exactly 60 seconds to explain how to do something, and the topics are pretty wide-ranging. Recent podcasts included how to publish a book using an online site called Blurb, how to throw a curve with a Wiffle ball, how to order a sandwich in Boston, and how to use podcasts in education.

There’s a real spry energy to the podcasts, which are certainly informative. The site could easily be a model for students developing their own podcasts on how to do something, which not only taps into 21st Century skills, but also gives them a chance to be the class expert on something.

One Minute How-To

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