We all know that parents and families are part of any learning equation, so Google has launched a fun site to bring parents up to speed on some basic technology tasks. Teach Parents Tech care packages are aimed at students who want to help their adult parents learn such skills as taking a screenshot, adjusting time on your computer clock, copying and pasting text, and resizing photos, but this site could easily be a neat “present” for parents from their children. The categories deal with media, the basics, using the Web, finding information, and communication.

Google certainly gives the site a playful look, as it is set up as an email form letter. The tongue-in-cheek format also allows the sender to show how impressed they are, or how worried they are, about the technological skills of the receiver of the message. Each “care package” message comes complete with a (Google-created) video tutorial on the topic that was chosen. Of course, this is Google and all of the videos has a Googlized tint to them.

Teach Parents Tech care packages

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