This Day, a website by Nikon, is a beautifully rendered look into historical events that happened in the past on the day you visit the site. With a lush background soundtrack (that can be turned off), and an automatic timeline that shifts backwards, the site transports you back in time to key events in history.

What I like here Is the simplicity of the design — the black background, the historical images and a short bit of text about that day in history. The site also offers an option of a screensaver and a desktop gadget. This Day might be useful as something for the whiteboard at the start of the day, as students mill into the room to get ready for learning. Or during units around time lines. On the day I watched, I learned about the Wright Brothers, the Tokyo Train Station in Japan, the first transatlantic radio transmission by Marconi, the rise of Nero, and more.

This Day

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