We run into this all the time in our school — a student understands a new math concept while sitting there in the classroom, but when they get home to continue their homework on the same concept…they go completely blank. Teachers can’t be on call all day long, but there are a number of websites out there that students can turn to for help. is one such place to turn. Basic in design, the site is rich with lessons, worksheets, calculators, and more. Its focus, obviously, is on algebraic equations, and this overview of algebra is a helpful place for struggling students to begin.

Knowing that word problems are often an area of difficulty for my own students, I checked out the link for the word problem tutorial. It nicely walked me through how to approach a word problem that deals with algebra. I also thought the worksheets were helpful as tutorials, given that the user has to solve a problem but can also turn to the “step by step” calculator.

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