St. John, U.S. Virgin IslandsHere’s what’s going on at the NASA Earth Observatory, brought to you by Fred Beyer at EarthSciTeach.

Pine Island Glacier

Flooding in Brisbane Suburbs

North Col of Mount Everest

Northwestern Algeria

Activity at Mt. Etna

Different Records, Same Warming Trend

Winter Storm along the U.S. East Coast

Heavy Rains in Queensland

NASA news

NASA Research Finds 2010 Tied for Warmest Year on Record

NASA Satellites Capture a Stronger La Nina

Despite Subtle Differences, Global Temperature Records in Close Agreement

Headlines from the press, radio, and television

England’s uplands ‘get more frequent heavy rainfall’

NASA’s Glory Satellite Will Study Climate Change Causes

2010 Ties 2005 as Warmest Year on Record

EarthObserver: A Planet in Your Pocket

Global Warming: Dire Prediction for the Year 3000

Weather Rarity: Snow in 49 States

Current La Niña Could be Strongest Ever Recorded

Picture of Haiti Earthquake Causes Coming into Focus

El Nino seen triggering next world warmth record

Scientists see climate change link to Australian floods

Earth’s Hot Past Could Be Prologue to Future Climate

2010 Tied for Warmest Year on Record, NASA Research Finds

Mountain Glacier Melt to Contribute 12 Centimeters to World Sea-Level Increases by 2100

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