Script writing can be challenging for many students, as the formatting is as much a learning process as the actual story writing. Raw Scripts is a browser-based platform that allows aspiring playwrights and screenwriters to to write a perfectly formatted script via a simple interface. For example, choose the “character” option, and when you write, your character’s name will be centered and in capital letters, and the next line will be automatically set up for dialogue. The site also provides you with character name options, saving names you have used and suggesting them as you type, so that with a simple click of the “enter” key on your keyboard, you can reuse names. It also lets you make notes in the margins.

You can try out Raw Scripts without registering, although you can’t save or re-title the plays in this mode. You can, however, write the play at the site and then cut and paste it to a Word document at the end. If you do create an account (which can be done with either a Google or Yahoo login), you have more options, such as saving, emailing the script, or exporting it as a PDF file. Also, with a login, you can invite collaborators for group play writing, which is an interesting possibility. In fact, many of the options in Raw Scripts resemble other collaborative word processing sites, except that here, the formatting issues are put into place with a click of the mouse.

Raw Scripts

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