These two teachers are on to something. In the age of video parodies, History for Music Lovers on YouTube is a place to learn and to laugh. Listen in as the lyrics to popular songs (current and old) are transformed from karaoke into focused history lessons with a humorous twist. Topics as diverse as The Black Plague (sung to Gwen Stefani), the French Revolution (Lady Gaga), Men of the Renaissance (The Violent Femmes) and The Crusades (Billy Idol) are featured in this collection of homemade videos by teachers Amy Burvall and Herb Mahelona, from a school in Oauhu, Hawaii.

I imagine you could easily get the attention of every high school student in the classroom with a few of these videos, and why not turn the tables by letting students then write and produce their own history music videos.

Just be ready to help with the singing.

History for Music Lovers

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