I was never any good at math, and one of the major factors was that it took me a few repetitions to understand the concepts behind a given mathematical principle. I had great teachers, but alas they couldn’t hold up the class for 10 minutes to explain the quadratic formula AGAIN to a struggling me. If I’d only had a collection of instructional videos that explain the concepts to me with visual aids that I could watch repeatedly I might have been the next Stephen Hawking (well, okay, maybe I could just balance my checkbook effectively).

Enter Teacher Zone Math Videos, the self-proclaimed “most comprehensive library of math video lessons on the planet.” Once you sign up for your free membership you have total access to the library. Teacher Zone has videos for grades 3 through 8, as well as algebra 1, algebra 2, and geometry. The videos are well done and take advantage of illustrative visual aids to explain mathematical concepts.

One factor worthy of note — the videos are hosted via YouTube, so if your school district is still blocking YouTube you might need a workaround.

Teacher Zone Math Videos

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