Knoword is a site that is sure to keep the vocabulary part of your brain nimble and quick. Players are given the first letter of a word, then a short definition. From there, they have one minute to type in as many correct words as they can.Correct words provide you with some bonus time. (Registered users have access to features such as archiving their scores and more). While I found the regular mode challenging enough, there is a “hard” mode for those Scrabble/Crossword experts whose way with words can amaze just about anyone (you know who you are). On a recent play, the words ranged from Cat to Harness to Labyrinth, which gives you a good idea of the range of words and challenges drawn randomly from an online dictionary database.

This site might be a nice activity for middle and high school students who need a little more practice with vocabulary and fluency. The challenge of the clock might give some students a bit of intrinsic motivation, although others might get turned off by the time limits. One nice feature is that you can skip words that you find are too hard, so you won’t get caught in some endless loop of difficulty.


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