Durrat Al BahrainHere’s what’s going on at the NASA Earth Observatory, brought to you by Fred Beyer at EarthSciTeach.

CALIPSO Spies Polar Stratospheric Clouds

Record Low Arctic Sea Ice Extent for January

Durrat Al Bahrain, Persian Gulf

Ubinas Volcano, Peru

Landslides in Brazil

Shinmoe-dake Volcano Erupts on Kyushu

Historic Winter Storm Moves Across the U.S.

Tropical Cyclone Yasi


NASA Satellites Capture Data on Monster Winter Storm Affecting 30 States

Satellite Images of Jan. 27 Snowstorm

GOES-13 Satellite Sees Groundhog’s Day on Ice

NASA’s TRMM Satellite Totaled Cyclone Yasi’s Heavy Rainfall in Queensland

Seeking Feedback and Improvement, NASA’s Earth Data System Earns Praise

Headlines from the press, radio, and television

How Ocean Currents Once Warmed the Arctic

Russian Volcano in Fresh Eruption

‘Alarming’ Amazon Droughts May Have Global Fallout

New ‘Hot Plate’ Technique for Marine Study

Deep Below Antarctic Ice, Lake May Soon See Light

Cows Holding Breath Over New Methane Model

Historic Pink Terraces Found in New Zealand Lake

Pictures: “Ominous” Japan Volcano Erupts Again

Tropical Cyclones Attacking Australia: Big Pic

Dust Levels Doubled World-Wide

Monster Snow and Megastorms, Oh My!

High Risk of Big Quake in Chile

Warm North Atlantic Heating Arctic

Loss of Sea Ice Poses Mercury Risk

An Atmospheric Time Machine

Two Cold Winters Don’t Make a Climate Trend

Lake Vostok Drilling in Antarctica Running Out of Time

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