All the news that’s fit to print, indeed. Newspaper Map is an amazing overview of how news is being published — and by extension, how history is being written — by connecting literally thousands of newspapers from around the world on a single interactive map. The site uses a basic format of a Google Map, with pin links to the actual newspapers in just about every place in the world. China? Check. Africa? Check. The Americas? Check. Iran? Not so much, but even the lack of a newspaper has the potential for a classroom discussion about freedom of information and journalism’s role in a country.

One of the nice things about Newspaper Map is that it uses Google Translate to automatically convert any newspaper into other languages, such as English. There is also a handy color-coded key to show the language of various newspapers on the map. Newspaper Map lets students examine how global events, such as the recent riots in Egypt or the vote in Sudan, are being covered in different parts of the world, as well as see how language and politics influence a story.

Newspaper Map

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