A new term has been popping up in discussions of how to view media not only in web browsers, but also on mobile devices. A “flipboard” format is designed to be easier to navigate (particularly with your fingers on touchscreen devices such as an iPad) and easier on the eyes in terms of design elements. Surfboard is a new site that allows you to convert any standard website into a flipboard format, and the results are pretty interesting.

Surfboard is pretty easy to use. Just submit a website URL and let Surfboard convert it. I quickly converted Instructify with Surfboard, and our humble blog suddenly took on the characteristics of a magazine, with pages to flip through and a multi-article visual layout.

Surfboard runs best on the newest versions of web browsers, and my Firefox browser did not cooperate all that well. But when I moved over to Chrome, it was fine. And Surfboard suggests using Safari for the best results of all.


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