Have you worked with that administrator who’s obsessed with collecting data? He wants every decision informed by a test, survey, or committee report (and probably wants you on the committee). That guy certainly goes overboard, but teachers can keep him happy by using Poll Junkie to easily collect surveys.

The first thing you’ll notice is that Poll Junkie is designed to be fast and simple. No registration is required and all the tools you need are right there on the front page. The different types of questions allow you to get exactly the information you want; you can ask responders to rate items on a number scale, rank items in order, or use classic multiple choice. A completed poll generates two links: one with the questions for responders, and one with the results for you. There’s also HTML code for embedding questions on a website.

I’d only change two things about Poll Junkie: I’d give it a more school-appropriate name and I’d add an option for responders to enter their name (currently all responses are anonymous). Otherwise, it works great for surveying just about anyone. You can have students review a lesson, ask parents about their kids’ study habits, or gauge colleagues’ opinion on a school policy.

Poll Junkie

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