To proclaim that you have 1,000 things to write about, as Barry Lane does at this new writing prompt site, is pretty ambitious. But if anyone can pull it off, Lane can. Known in many writing circles for his way with words and for working with teachers, Lane is slowly offering up various starting points for writing at this site, entitled (appropriately enough) 1,000 Things to Write About.

Lane explains:

If one picture is worth 1000 words then, 1000 pictures are worth 1 million words. In the next 3 years I will be posting a picture a day from my personal photos, a writing idea and some of my own writing.

What is nice about this project is that Lane accompanies his writing ideas with his own writing, which teachers can use for inspiration for themselves, as well as for their students. You could do worse than using a few of Lane’s ideas here in your own classroom. So far, topics have ranged from playing a musical instrument, to writing a 3-5-3 poem, to remembering a family ancestor. Three years and 1,000 prompts is enough reason to follow Lane on his journey, and he invites you and I to add our own writing to his mix, too. Go ahead. Write.

1,000 Things to Write About

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