Teachers who use a blog as a classroom website, publishing tool, or means of sharing and writing face a yearly conundrum: once the school year ends, how do you archive all that work? BlogBooker, which turns a blog into a PDF-style book, is one option available for teachers. The free site (funded through donations) is available for blogs on the WordPress, Live Journal, and Blogger platforms.

To create your book, you need to first export your XML files (which can be done via your blog dashboard — BlogBooker provides a helpful guide to do this). Once BlogBooker has your information, it converts your site into a PDF document that can be downloaded, shared, or printed.

The site promises to try to capture as much of the information (posts, images, comments) as it can, but does not guarantee 100-percent conversion. Still, a copy of the work done by students allows a teacher to end the year on a positive note and start fresh the following the year.


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