If the phrase “Please excuse my dear aunt Sally” means anything to you, then you already know the value of mnemonics. Putting complex ideas into a simple expression can do wonders for our recall ability, and JogLab can help you coin a catchy slogan that your students won’t forget.

At first the page may appear overwhelming with its many windows and scroll bars, but it’s not difficult to use at all, especially after you watch the short video at the bottom of the page. For each letter of your mnemonic, the site suggests words to string together into a phrase. In a few minutes I made the one shown here, and I’m not ashamed to say I think it’s pretty good. My favorite feature is the part-of-speech sorter, which narrows the suggested words to nouns, verbs, adjectives, and so on as you specify. This would be great for younger students learning the basics of sentence structure.

Teachers could use JogLab to create mnemonics, but it might be best applied by setting the entire class to the task. A student competition to produce the finest mnemonic would be a lot of fun and could result in the next great “Roy G Biv.”


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