One would hope that, amid all of the rancor in discussions around education, that there is still room for biting satire. Mr. Teachbad’s Blog of Teacher Disgruntlement is one little corner of the wired world where complaints about the teaching profession loom large, but this time, the slings and arrows come from inside the classroom. The anonymous writer of this site explains to readers that they are a teacher in a city school and that they write to relieve the tension of teaching. He (?) also notes that he hopes his blog “contributes to a broader discussion of why so many teachers find this job so unsatisfying and, thus, quit….about 300,000 of us every year decide that this is a crappy job and leave. And that’s just the ones who can actually get out. How many more are stuck?”

That seems pretty lofty, considering the odd assortment of humor here. There are sections where readers can write in questions to Mr. Teachbad in a sort of Miss Manners-style advice column, a collection of videos that include a skewered take on differentiated instruction, and even a series of “fake education” news items. It’s not quite The Onion, but some of the material here provides a nice balance to the serious coverage of teaching. I, for one, have found the posts around collecting and using data — and what that does to a teacher — amusing and enlightening and a bit close to home.

This is not a site for everyone. Be ready to be offended, perhaps, and be ready to chuckle uncomfortably. Be ready for Mr. Teachbad to get you thinking about your profession from a different angle once in a while.

Mr. Teachbad’s Blog of Teacher Disgruntlement

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