Creating specialized video clips is a great way to present and share content but can be complicated if you are working from multiple computers or trying to create a video as a collaborative project. WeVideo is a cloud-based, collaborative video editing platform that can make this task much easier.

WeVideo’s video editor gives you a choice of storyboard or timeline-based editing with real-time previewing. In addition to the features you would expect to find in any video editor, the WeVideo editing platform includes royalty free music and graphics. Finally, WeVIdeo allows you to collaborate with others to upload content and co-create a video.

WeVideo is a great option for any project in the classroom where students are creating videos. Because all of the content for the videos is stored in the cloud, students don’t have to worry about using different computers or losing their project into the abyss of a lab computer. WeVideo also makes it possible for a collaborative video to be truly collaborative, instead of one student editing while the other group members watch.

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