Puppet Pals HD is a free iOS app that lets the user create and record puppet plays. The free version of the app supplies users with a couple of backdrops and a few cartoon puppets. Additional puppets and backdrops can be purchased for a small fee.  Once the backdrop and characters are selected the app records the action within the frame of the backdrop. While this is happening Puppet Pals HD also records the audio of the user narrating the story. This gives you a final product in which you cannot see the side stage. The video files can be saved and emailed from your iPad.

Puppet Pals HD has potential uses from kindergarten to high school classrooms. It provides excellent and fun practice at telling narratives, it could be used by students to summarize a story or historical moment, or used to brainstorm a piece of writing. Puppet Pals HD fits the bill for nearly any way you might use narrative storytelling in your classroom.

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