Video conferencing can be a powerful tool for education. You can use these tools to connect distant classrooms, integrate guest speakers, and correspond with students and parents. Google Hangouts is a great addition to the vast world of video conferencing options.

Hangouts sets itself apart right away in the fact that it is designed for groups; up to ten people can be join the conversation in a Hangout. It also integrates features such as text-based chat and Google Drive applications in the same window as the hangout. Hangouts can also be broadcast live via YouTube and recorded.

In the classroom, Google Hangouts provides great opportunities to explore a new digital space for group engagement and the sharing of learning. You can co-teach your class with anyone in the world (or even just down the hall), students can use it as a collaborative meeting space to work on group projects or peer review papers, and much, much more. How could you Hangout in your classroom?

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