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Here’s a look back at some of the best post from November 2009:

This article discusses the benefits of participating in international collaborative projects, in which two geographically distant classrooms connect via the internet. Includes resources for developing projects, advice and tips for novices, and suggestions for curriculum connections.

Are you an educator who loves using technology? Are you a good writer? Instructify and LEARN NC are looking for feature-length (1,500 word) articles on technology integration in the classroom.

Here’s a look back at some of the best post from October 2009.

Here’s a look back at some of the best post from September 2009: Instructifeature: Reach special-needs students using a Voki and Trailfire mashup Send your students on a twenty-first century scavenger hunt Kids can create movies, drawings and more with Kerpoof Make sense of copyright with this handy Classroom Copyright Chart Stop a global pandemic: […]

An online forum or discussion board creates opportunities for students to interact outside the classroom. Here’s how to get started using forums in your class.

This article introduces the Linux operating system, explains the process of downloading and installing it, and describes the advantages of using Linux in schools.

Step back in time and read the most popular Instructify articles from one year ago. Five great online tools for art teachers Try these great outdoor games at recess Find great elementary resources at e-Learning for Kids Free Language Learning Resources from Take a look at the past with historical maps on Google Maps […]

Here’s what we were up to at this time last year, in no particular order: Five great tools for math teachers mySchoollog organizes students’ lives Collaborate online in real time with EtherPad Is your coffee a 60 or 78? Malcolm Gladwell speaks on differentiated instruction (kinda) Wolfram Mathworld: Making the math world slightly less frustrating […]

As technology becomes more and more prevalent and accessible for students and educators, the concept of “blended learning” is becoming a more common idea.