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Exert some global aggression without resorting to violence. Geosense tests your knowledge of US, European and world geography by listing cities and challenging you to find them on a political map. If that sounds too easy for you, you can play against strangers from around the world as you try to see who’s the fastest […]

If you enjoy distractions and you enjoy learning, then a) you are in the right place, and b) you’ll love this fun little flash game as much as we do. Name That Bug is a simple quiz that is chock full of information about common and occasionally uncommon insects. Brought to you by Orkin—the folks […]

With all due respect to Guitar Hero aficionados, it’s not like you need any musical talent to play it. This should be simple–kids like music and video games. Why can’t there be a game that actually teaches kids to play? After reading that kind of intro paragraph, you’ve probably figured out that there is such […]

Here’s a frustrating fun challenge for you: can you list all 50 U.S. states in 10 minutes? Sure, you tell yourself, I’ve heard of the states, I’ve even been to some of ‘em. How hard can it be? Point your browser to Ironic Sans and try it, smart guy. Then, when you’re kicking yourself because […]