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BY AARON FOWLES Have you ever scrambled to find a game or activity for your students to use to practice a particular skill?  Mr. Nussbaum, created by a 6th grade teacher in Virginia, is home to dozens of free games, activities, and online stories that will solve that problem in no time. When you enter […]

The origins of words and phrases from the English Language gets a nice twist with Etymologic, a fun online quiz that can be difficult to master. You have to show an uncanny knowledge of English (or be incredibly lucky with your educated guesses) to get all the questions correct.

Free to play and requiring only an internet connection, eLections takes you step by step through the presidential election process, from declaring candidacy to getting your party’s nomination to landing the most difficult job there is.

Games for Change uses video games to directly affect positive change in the world. The games are free to play, and serve to inform and enlighten as well as entertain.

Moonbase Alpha puts students in the role of astronauts living on the first human base on the moon. A meteorite has debilitated the life-support system, and they’ve got 25 minutes to fix it before everyone runs out of air.

WolfQuest puts you in the role of a lonely wolf in the wild with two things on your mind: survive and start a family. Along the way you’ll learn about how a wolf perceives the world around him with “scent view” which shows trails of recent creatures and other territorial markers.

BY REBECCAH HAINES I have never been a big fan of physics.  I’m more of a biology gal.  However, if I did like physics, or if I were required by law to teach it (which of course, I am), I would definitely check out this website: Physics Central. I have to admit, despite my lack […]

In Karma Tycoon you build and maintain homeless shelters, performing arts centers, and other facilities designed to make a positive impact in a community. Apply for grants and loans to bankroll your philanthropy, and the more people you help, the better your karma score.

Let me start off by saying InterroBang is both ambitious and potentially time-consuming, but it’s also a really cool idea. In a nutshell, InterroBang is a game that sends you on real-life missions of discovery and learning.

BY JASON DON FORSYTHE Any time there is a good merger of the study of history and the use of technology, it’s a surefire Instructify post. This is the case with the site Show Me from our friends on the British Isle. Show Me is a cataloging of the best (and most fun) resources from […]