Sharing links with Symbaloo

September 27, 2012

Have you ever tried to share a collection of links with students and/or colleagues in a visually appealing way? Symbaloo is here to help!

Get your words on the dance floor with Font de Music

March 23, 2011

Sometimes, the tools we stumble upon are just a way to add a little fun into the classroom. Font de Music takes a short sentence and adds a musical backing track, then makes the letters do a little dance to the music. It’s a simple, fun site with some possibilities for examining how multimedia and text influences our thinking around design choices.

Turn your words into songs with Let Them Sing It for You

March 17, 2011

You may have heard about text-to-speech programs, but how about text-to-song? Let Them Sing It for You is a site that turns user text into a song montage. Sure, it’s odd and entertaining, but this site may provide another way to get students excited about poetry and writing.

Create nifty mnemonics at JogLab

March 15, 2011

Putting complex ideas into a simple expression can do wonders for our recall ability, and JogLab can help you coin a catchy slogan that your students won’t forget.

Archive your class blog with BlogBooker

March 14, 2011

Teachers who use a blog as a classroom website, publishing tool, or means of sharing and writing face a yearly conundrum: once the school year ends, how do you archive all that work? BlogBooker turns a blog into a PDF-style book, and is available for blogs on the Wordpress, Live Journal, and Blogger platforms.

Conduct surveys in a snap with Poll Junkie

March 7, 2011

Poll Junkie allows you to get exactly the information you want via a series of survey options. You can ask responders to rate items on a number scale, rank items in order, or use classic multiple choice. A completed poll generates two links: one with the questions for responders, and one with the results for you. There’s also HTML code for embedding questions on a website.

Ride the Web with Surfboard

February 23, 2011

Surfboard is a new site that allows you to convert a standard website into a magazine-like flipboard format.

Send an email to your future self with FutureMe

February 22, 2011

FutureMe lets you send an email to yourself at a specified time in the future. You provide the email address, add a subject line, write a note to your future self, and then choose when it should get delivered.