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eSnips is a file sharing site that allows you to sign up, search, share and maybe even sell your own snippets of life. Whether it’s music, paintings, video, or poetry, you can upload up to 1 GB of, well, stuff. Most any file format is uploadable into easily created folders, which you can then make […]

Everybody hates email forwards. If you work at a school, every day you get bombarded with schmaltz like, “Little Joey will get money for his new lung if you just keep forwarding this email!” And the ever-popular, “Respond to this exciting investment opportunity!” Or spam like, “Whoever took all the dry-erase markers from the supply […]

Stop lugging candy bars to the office. Stop soliciting cookie dough and tubs of three different flavors of popcorn to your neighbors. Instead, let the dance team earn their own money for the upcoming Florida trip. And let them do it the tech-savvy way, with allows users to create an online widget to promote […]