picture-of-rebeccah.jpgRebeccah Haines teaches 6th grade science at Morehead City Middle School in Morehead City, North Carolina. She has been teaching for seven years (six in 7th grade and one in 6th grade), and achieved her National Board Certification in 2007. Rebeccah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Notre Dame and a Master of Arts in Teaching – Middle Grades from East Carolina University.

Rebeccah absolutely loves teaching middle schoolers. While they are angst-y and oftentimes challenging, she doesn’t think there is another age group where the things they do can make you laugh so hard (with them, not at them, of course).

Rebeccah’s educational interests include inquiry-based science teaching and technology. In science, her interests include biology and environmental science. Rebeccah is in charge of a student wetland project at her school in partnership with the North Carolina Coastal Federation.  She has also participated with Rice University as a consultant and by participating in studies about their online educational games.

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