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Video creation is a great way to present information in the classroom. GoAnimate provides a fun, animated alternative to traditional video projects.

We’ve reviewed GoAnimate here at Instructify before, but the site recently launched a school version of its animation software that is worth writing about because, well, it’s free.

Some students in Japan used sticky notes to create a stop-motion version of Super Mario Bros. Watch the video and try to top this with your next group assignment.

It’s free to sign up for GoAnimate, and you can make a basic characters and animations for free.

BY KEVIN HODGSON If we really believe in the axiom of “learning by doing,” then teaching the concept of stopmotion moviemaking should begin with a program like Pivot Stickfigure Animator. Pivot is a freeware program for PCs (an alternative freeware program available for all platforms is called Stykz) that is deceptively simple to use. Users […]

BY KEVIN HODGSON Stopmotion Animator is a freeware download that allows users of PC computers to use a webcam to easily and quickly create stop-motion movies. The software is set up to “grab” frames off the webcam, then gather them together into a single .AVI video file. Stopmotion Animator allows you to tweak some settings […]

BY BILL FERRIS Last year we reviewed Xtranormal Text-to-Movie, a free computer animation app that lets you create your own cartoons. The folks at Xtranormal have made an even more impressive program called State, which adds characters who can walk around, advanced camera movement, movies with multiple scenes, and the ability to record your own […]

BY BILL FERRIS Many years ago, Walt Disney drew a little cartoon mouse who in turn built a theme park with his own four-fingered hands. Or something. Today, your elementary students can create cartoons of their own, as well as stories, drawings, cards and more at Kerpoof, an online creativity site brought to you by […]

BY REBECCAH HAINES Have you ever wanted to make your own animated movie? The script, the soundtrack, the camera angles – if it were all up to you, you’d do an awesome job — probably better than Steven Spielberg, right? Well, move over Steve-o because with Xtranormal’s Text-to-movie website, you can create your own animated […]

Lights, camera, action! Looking for a way to bring your students’ book reports, science/social studies projects, or writing projects to life? Let them create a Claymation Movie. Claymation is a type of stop motion animation created by moving an object in very small amounts and taking a picture between each movement – think the California […]