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BY BILL FERRIS Happy Monday, dear readers. To ease you back into the work week, I thought we’d begin with a fun ice breaker. (Well, I think it’s fun. Your actual fun may vary.) Consider the tattoo in the picture. Someone, quite possibly a mad scientist, has gotten the entire periodic table tattooed on his […]

BY BILL FERRIS I think Twitter is a hoot. It’s a good way to keep track of what other educators are up to. Also, I love a witty one-liner, and 140 characters is the perfect format for that. There are plenty of reasons teachers should use Twitter. What I want to know is whether Twitter […]

BY BILL FERRIS Google announced yesterday their plans to roll out a new operating system, Chrome OS. They’re designing it to run on netbooks initially, desktops eventually, beginning in the latter half of 2010. According to the Official Google Blog, “Speed, simplicity and security are the key aspects of Google Chrome OS. We’re designing the […]

Since I got an Android phone for Christmas, I’ve been yammering to anyone who will listen about how cell phones are the great technology equalizer — you can use phones to surf the internet, send email, create podcasts, share photos, as well as, you know, talk to people. Even high-end phones are much less expensive […]

There’s a lively discussion in the comments over at the Reference Extract planning site: some visitors are skeptical (to say the least) about the need for a search engine that gives results “weighted towards sites most often referred to by librarians at institutions such as the Library of Congress.” But both teachers and librarians know […]

I misspelled a word in the title of the first research paper I ever wrote in school (“The Death Penalty Contraversy”). That’s when my teacher, Mr. Goedken, told me about this magical thing called “spell check” (don’t laugh, this was quite a novel concept for me at the time). As a result, I became a […]

An Instructify reader is looking for some information on Smart Boards — she’s very interested in finding someone who could share ideas on how school administrators could use Smart Boards in their jobs. This could cover presentations at staff meetings, developing mind maps, or anything over, under and in-between that would show how administrators can […]