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I’ve always loved hearing the rich tones of people speaking their native tongue. Probably because my high school Spanish class was so full of students (myself included) torturing words and botching the accent. Back then, they equipped us with a cassette tape so we could hear the language spoken correctly. It’s too bad sites like […]

Quetzalcoatl. Rhinopharyngitis. Mnemosyne. If you tried to say these out loud you’d either have an aneurism or accidentally open a portal to the underworld. Fortunately, there’s a safe way to speak difficult words thanks to (as in, “How do you say…”) is a free online pronunciation dictionary. Just type in a word and […]

Music soothes the savage beast. Except for alligators. Apparently music riles them up. NPR’s Robert Krulwich reports that the note B flat has a lot of crazy properties, including provoking alligators to roar. Play a B flat one octave below middle C in front of a Gator and it’ll think you’re a rival reptile. Which […]

Why read when you can be read to? You’ll think Stephen Hawking is your personal assistant when you download ReadPlease, a free program that reads text on your computer to you in a (somewhat) realistic human voice. A text-to-speech reader can be invaluable to you and your students. Struggling readers can follow along as ReadPlease […]